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Increasing Clients' Production Rates And Optimizing Costs

Azeri Oilfield offers a wide range of services for marginal fields and remote wells that combines EPC skills and O&M expertise in order to provide production solutions.

Our approach allows the client to move its costs from CAPEX to OPEX, sharing costs and responsibilities with the contractor.

We have a strong record of pipes laid around the world under the most difficult environmental and logistical conditions, such as deserts, mountains (up to 5,000 m), forests, jungles, swamps and frozen steppes.

Temporary production facilities are designed to meet the client’s expectations tailoring specific technical solutions to create a continuous, safe and zero environmental impact production service.

All early production facilities are controlled and monitored in real time with a satellite remote control with no staff presence and access by secure web-server available anywhere 24/7.

The main services Azeri Oilfield provides are:

  • Multiphase Pumping
  • Water Injection
  • Gas Storage and Gas Boosting
  • Salt Dilution and Desalting