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Building well integrity with our Tubular Running Services

Our fit for purpose TRS along with our expertise, will align with your projects goals to construct your well safely and efficiently every time.

Operating as Quail Services in the US and iTS internationally, our well construction teams will provide the right downhole tools and casing running expertise to help you reach total depth and construct your well, safely, and efficiently every time.

Tubular Running Services

We understand that having a casing running provider you can trust to get the job done right, the first time, is essential.

As one of the world's API Q2 certified TRS provider and with over 10 years of casing running experience - from the deserts of the Middle East, to the rainforests of Colombia, and the seas of the Caribbean and India - you can rely on us to make your operation a success, no matter where you are in the world.

iTRS Capability Brochure

At iTS and Quail Services, innovation is one of our core values; we're constantly looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to help improve our clients' efficiency, and our proprietary Top-Tek System does just that Top-Tek has been specifically designed to automate the process of running tubulars - reducing manual handling and increasing both efficiency and safety performance.

Using our wireless controller, the Top-Tek system does the work of an entire casing crew with no personnel required in the red-zone. The automated process delivers smooth make-ups while providing precise control for final torque.

The power and performance of the top drive is used to apply torque and, if necessary, reciprocate, rotate, and circulate to overcome even the most challenging down-hole conditions.

Conventional Casing Running

Reliability is a primary focus of all of our casing running operations, from our well-maintained equipment to our professional and experienced personnel. We also make sure to prioritize performance while focusing on safety.

With TRS locations throughout the world and capabilities from 42" to 2-3/8", we can provide you with everything from power tongs and power packs to handling tools, analysis systems, bucking units, pick-up/lay-down units, and cold casing cutters to make sure you reach total depth within budget and on time.